Pokemon wants

*Main Collection- Zoroark
*Main Side Collection- Dreepy line
*Side Collections- Jolteon, Totodile, Reshiram, Midnight Lycanroc, Alolan Raichu, Pokedolls, Pokemon Time
*Minor Side Collection- Samurott

Zoroark got a lot of misc merch with the movie release and I don't have alot of it so any of that stuff works for me as well! If I end up getting dupes, that's fine by me, I adore Zoroark and plan to amass an army anyway!

Large Jakks Zoroark figure

Dragapult clip figure

Alolan Riachu Pokedoll Mascot

Victini Pokedoll (both versions, do not need tags)

Oversized Groudon and Shadow Lugia Pokedolls (do not need tags, pics from YellowMudkip) (MINI GRAILS)

Samurott clipping figure

Samurott figures

Lotad Pokedoll

USA Reshiram Pokedoll (tags preferable, tush tag at the very least)

Reshiram kid figures (normal, head turned, attack, overdrive, and sparkly)

Reshiram Sukui Doll

Midnight Lycanroc Tomy figures (USA version, JPN version, and sparkly)

Midnight Lycanroc kid figure

Midnight Lycanroc Moncolle Get figures (normal and sparkly version)

Midnight Lycanroc Takara Tomy figure

Ichiban Kuji Zoroark figure

Zoroark movie popcorn bucket (pic from The North Wind)

Shiny Genesect pokedoll (does not need tags)

Large San-ei All Star Lucario plush

Golden Zoroark Tomy figure

Alolan Raichu Pokedoll prototype (pic from SlothyShroom)

Lifesize Jolteon plush

Lifesize Appletun plush


*Main Collection- Agumon line
*Side Collections- Beanies, Lopmon line, Meicoomon line

-Big Bootie Agumon and Greymon Beanies
-Indo Koromon and Agumon Beanies
-Chille Greymon plush
-Virus MetalGreymon mini figure
-02 Gatomon Beanie (do not need tags)
-Halsemon Beanie (Grail???)
-Digmon and Flamedramon Beanies (do not need tags)
-1:1 Friends Agumon plush
-Halsemon Digivolver (USA version)
-Jemini Agumon plush (suction cup version, 29 inch version, and open mouth version)
-Greymon Digivolver
-Cherubimon mini figure
-Ichiban Kuji Wargreymon figure
-Meicoomon Tsum plush

Persona 3 Shinjiro Daru~n rubber strap